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Effective Parenting:  Stewarding Your Little Blessings
Legacy Lifestyle:  Is Your Life Half-Empty or Half-Full?
Your Future:  Are You Who You Want To Be?
Family Life:  How Strong Is Your Family Life?
Your Money:  Family & Finances
Your Future:  Your 2nd  Half

To partner with churches, ministries and families to renew, revive, restore and ignite present and future generations to live their lives with significance and purpose for the kingdom of God and that results in a multi-generational impact.


  • To spur others on to a passionate, uncompromising pursuit of God
  • To build strong, godly, purposeful, families and restore family values
  • To see others achieve true, biblical financial freedom
  • To help believers live out an authentic, impactful faith
  • To help others live and leave a dynamic, lasting legacy

Teach: To provide biblical and practical training and education on 4 topic areas (Future, Family, Finances and Faith)
Impact: To provide practical yet powerful Biblical tools and resources that radically impact people lives immediately (1 Cor 2:4)
Apply: To make Biblical principles come alive through practical application
Inspire: To encourage, yet challenge those who need help and hope! (Luke 1:37)


Key Principles / Topics Addressed


  • Leaving a Lasting Legacy
  • Living a Purposeful, Significant Life
  • Life Priorities & Choices
  • Passing the Baton Successfully
  • Planning your Second Half / Future
  • Purposeful & Easy Goal Setting- Your Life Mission
  • The Seasons of Life
  • Your Health:  Investing in You
  • A Legacy of Hope: Dealing with Overload & Stress
  • Living in the Valley / Peace for Your Future
  • Overcoming Trials & Worry
  • Simplification approaches
  • Develop a Life Plan & Guiding Principles


  • How to put Family First
  • Shifting Tides:  A Family Reformation
  • Family Driven: Building a Strong, Successful Family
  • Family Download:  How to connect with your Kids
  • Family Values: A Family Awakening
  • Growing a Strong Family Tree
  • How to Parent Purposeful with Effect Discipline
  • How to Parent in Conflict, Problems & Tough Discussions
  • How to have a successful marriage
  • How to finish strong
  • How to raise the future
  • Your child’s education: purpose and worldviews
  • Choosing and paying for College
  • How to create a Family Museum
  • How to leave a Family Legacy
  • How to secure your families future


  • How to thrive in times of uncertainty
  • Fast & Focused Debt Reduction
  • How to Develop & Live on a Budget
  • How to Save & Give more
  • How to Secure your financial future
  • Investment Strategies for success
  • Family & Finances
  • Protecting your Investments:  Preparing for Hard Times
  • How to Retire early
  • How to save and spend to maximize Retirement funds
  • Your Money:  A Global Perspective / Missions
  • Financial Freedom- what is it?
  • Credit Card & Debt Traps
  • Money-saving ideas
  • Budget Busters
  • Disciplined spending approaches
  • Debt free testimony


  • What is Biblical giving?
  • Stewardship
  • Where Should I give
  • Results of Giving
  • Cures for Materialism & Idolatry
  • The Tithe
  • Temporal vs. Eternal balance
  • Giving Testimony


  • Shifting Generational Sands:  Alarms Sounding
  • A Lost Generation
  • Revival or Judgment?
  • Are we Living in the End Times?
  • My Total Makeover Testimony
  • A Battle for Your Soul
  • Faith:  A Multisensory experience
  • Men of Valor:  Where are You?
  • Real Faith:  Worship & the Word
  • Real Faith:  Pray Effectively & with Power
  • A Legacy Lifestyle


Doug Hagedorn has survived and thrived raising 3 kids with his wife of 20 years. Doug is an author, speaker, teacher, business owner, private school founder, board member, volunteer, corporate employee, community and church leader.  He has been a nationwide radio guest on dozens of talk radio shows. He has an MBA degree and enjoys speaking passionately.  Most
importantly, he is a lover of God and a lover of his family, and lives a full, purposeful life. He enjoys his family, reading, speaking, worshiping, traveling, and baseball.

  • He is a “cusper,” (one who was stuck between the Boomer Generation and Generation X).
  • Diagnosed with a rare disease / syndrome at age 32- flat on back for 6 months-radical change
  • Eliminated massive debt > $100k to totally debt free at age 33-  including mortgage
  • Founded Financial Foundation Builders at age 35
  • Published first book, Ease the Squeeze  at age 36
  • Nationwide Talk Radio appearances at age 37
  • Founded private school with his wife at age 38
  • Founded Future Foundation Builders at age 46
  • Pacemaker installed, Heart tachachardia incidents- 250 beats per minute for 2 hours at age 47
  • Published 2nd book, A Lasting Legacy  at age 47- shares his life-long “living proof” successes and failures.

Doug says “I am an ordinary man. My failures are many. I am a sinner. It is only by God’s grace, favor, and blessing that He has allowed me to play a small part in Kingdom ministry. May all that is accomplished  be used to glorify Him and make Him only famous (Acts 4:13)”.

Though I am impressed by Doug’s writing, teaching, interviewing and communicating
skills, what impresses me the most is his humbleness, Christ-likeness and
priority to ensure that God receives the glory for all that has been accomplished through
this vital ministry.
—Marlin Maddoux
Founder/Host, Point of View radio talk show
National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame


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