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    Author: Ease The Squeeze
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Ease the Squeeze was nominated for the "Christian Living" book of the year for 2003!
“A truly first rate instructional manual. . . very strongly recommended as being a truly
first-rate instructional manual appropriate for all readers of all economic and educational
—Midwest Book Review, 5 stars

“Mr. Hagedorn, I’ve just finished reading your book. This book probably had more of a
SPIRITUAL impact on me than any other book that I’ve read, except the Bible. Thank you.”

“He writes straight from the heart and backs up his writing with biblical truth. This book
is encouraging, motivational, and I commend him for having the conviction and strength
to write it.”

“It is a book from the heart and a powerful testimony adds significant weight to the
teaching it provides.”

“This book is honest, insightful, and hopeful. By changing one heart and one family at a
time through Biblical common sense principles, our families, churches, and communities
will be better places to live and work.”

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