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Effective Parenting:  Stewarding Your Little Blessings
Legacy Lifestyle:  Is Your Life Half-Empty or Half-Full?

“Doug Hagedorn is a man with a passion to help others and a wealth of knowledge to
accomplish it. He gracefully guides, directs and coaches those who desire a life that matters.
How much better to learn how to have A Lasting Legacy than from a man who is
actually doing it!”
Chuck Bentley, author of The Root of Riches
Chief Executive Officer, Crown Financial Ministries

“Doug Hagedorn has created a veritable banquet of inspiration, instruction, and eternally
impactful resource that will recharge, redirect, and refocus families on the how-tos of
leaving a legacy worth everything. Readers
will be delighted (and informed) by the author’s lively storytelling and his countless interactive
exercises (which are both interesting and insightful) that all lead to developing a
worldview and lifestyle that honors God and changes lives (ours and those we impact) today
and into all our tomorrows.”
Michele Howe, author of
Burdens Do a Body Good: Meeting Life’s Challenges
with Strength and Soul

A Lasting Legacy can literally change your life.  Doug Hagedorn does an excellent job of helping you assess your life and helps you plan your future. What legacy are you leaving? Do you have a plan for your family?  Do you know what to do with your finances in uncertain times? This book helps you answer these questions.  I highly recommend this book. Read it. Apply it. There is great wisdom, and it will change your life and help you leave a lasting legacy.”
Kerby Anderson
President of Probe Ministries
Host of Point of View radio talk show

“A Lasting Legacy is one of the most useful resources I have ever read, and I know you will benefit from these principles which will help you lead your family with certainty in uncertain times.”
Roger Marsh, author of Internet-Protect Your Kids
Executive Producer, “HomeWord with Jim Burns”

Comments from others who have read A Lasting Legacy:
“With humility, passion, and wisdom, you provide us a practical manual for our future,
family, finances and faith. With your engaging style of writing, your book becomes easy and
delightful to read.”

“The way Doug writes to different types of readers and grabs the attention of them is

“It is a book to be read over and over. I truly believe A Lasting Legacy is a life
changing book”

“The strength of this book is the writer’s personal testimony on what he has learned.”

“I liked most that you not only write about these issues, but that you live them. You not
only teach us how to experience and make changes that will lead to fulfillment and fruitfulness,
but you have given practical and doable steps to achieve these goals. You backed it
up with real life experience and stories.”

“It is full of good advice and sound wisdom. Powerful stuff—eye opening! Your personal
testimony is wonderful!”

“Very well written—practical, personal and funny!! Very hopeful and helpful. Practical


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