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Family Feast

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Studies have shown that families who eat together eat healthier and raise better adjusted kids who avoid smoking, drinking, drugs, depression, teen issues, and eating disorders. They also learn and expand their vocabulary because of discussions with adults. There are many other benefits. It creates intimacy, creates a secure environment for kids, fosters sibling connections, and provides an opportunity for genuine discussions about tough days, stress, or the joys of life.

I cannot overemphasize the power of the family meal, especially as the children get older and your time together is more limited. The experts in adolescent development emphasize the payoff and dividends being the greatest in the teen years. They will actually talk, engage, listen. Books have been written on this subject alone. For us, the only meal a day we have a chance to be together is dinner. This time can truly be an anchor for your family. Obviously, this one common mealtime will not transform your family. A smorgasbord of habits and values is necessary for a strong, successful child.

I was told as a young father to make this a priority and that we would be greatly rewarded. It was not only tougher than I thought but also more rewarding than I thought. We rearranged our schedule for nearly three years to eat dinner at 7:30 instead of 5:00. It was the only time we could all be together. We still don’t eat together every night, but we do the majority of the evenings. It is the glue that holds our Family Vision together and keeps the communication lines open.

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