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Parental Influence

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Family Life:  How Strong Is Your Family Life?

A national survey was conducted to determine the factors that most influenced teens in their faith. The list of twenty-eight items included a wide range of significant influences, including coaches, camps, books, youth groups, movie stars, and friends.

  1. The most significant religious influence for teens today is Mom.
  2. The second most significant religious influence for teens today is Dad.
  3. The third most significant religious influence for teens was a grandparent, followed by friends and siblings.

The youth group leader, church school, and educational influences were way down the list.  It starts at home.  A reformation will occur one family at a time. Don’t wait for the next Martin Luther or Billy Graham to revive the nation. You are it!

How in the world can we effectively give them more time, touch, and talk with our busy, hectic lives?  I love Mark Holmen’s simple way to remember this via the acronym T.R.A.I.N:

T—Time:  This will vary with location, and from day to day—Car Time, Bed Time, Meal Time, Vacation Time, Memory-Making Time, and one-on-one Time.  Be intentional.  Be creative.  Brainstorm with your spouse.

R—Repetition:  This goes back to forming new habits and having someone hold you accountable for doing so.

A—Acceptance:  Listen.  Receive.  Love. Accept them for who they are and how God made them.  They are unique.  They are the acorn near the tree, but they are not a duplicate of you.

I—Intentional:  This will take work and a strong backbone.  It will not be easy and will require you to give up some of your most treasured time, and desires. It might require a radical change in who you are.

N—Never-ending:  This is not a twenty-one-day journey but a life-long effort.  You won’t stop getting on the TRAIN when the kids move away or start there own families.  You are always a parent!  You may be a grandparent! You are making a generational impact!

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