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Why is it that we put off until tomorrow what we probably could have done today? It could be a fear of failure, a fear of the results, nervousness or stress associated with making a change, or just some rationale as to why we don’t have the time or expertise to make a change. I would guess that in addition to fear and stress, plain old laziness also plays a part in our inaction. It is much easier to sit in front of the television, computer, or a good book than to take action with our health, family, or finances. So what exactly needs action or change? A quick assessment of your “Legacy” thermometer might provide some insight. However, as you score yourself, don’t beat yourself up too much! The following example will help you create a framework for your future!

Score yourself (and print out) in these key areas from 1 to 5 with 1 being Poor, not effective, not satisfied; 2 being Rare, but occasional effectiveness and satisfaction; 3 being Average, spotty but somewhat effective, satisfied; 4 being Good, do pretty well, fairly satisfied, strength; and 5 being the Best, doing well, very satisfied, a real strength area.


I feel like I am living a purposeful life.
I have a documented plan for my future.
If I lost my job or retired, I have a Plan B.
I effectively balance work and family time.
I have discussed dreams/future with my spouse.
I am prepared for retirement.
I have my dreams written down.



I feel like I am a good spouse.
I feel like I am a good parent.
I give my family enough quality time.
I am teaching my children life principles.
I am training my children spiritually.
I am purposeful about memory making.
I connect well with my kids.



I am spending less than I make.
I know where my money goes.
I am saving for the future.
I am reducing my debt.
I have a written plan for retirement.
I live on a budget.
I am on track for college/retirement.



I feel a peace in my soul.
I daily talk to God and read the Bible.
I am a positive spiritual influence.
I am passing the baton effectively.
I have positive, faith-filled relationships.
I feel secure about my future.
I have a multigenerational mindset.

If you enjoy a measure of pain or torture, add up your scores for each section.  If you scored > 30 in any one section, congratulations, you are a rare bird and on the Legacy Dean’s List.  If you scored > 20 in any one section, you have started the Legacy journey in that area. If you scored < 20 in any one section, you are a candidate for a Legacy tune-up or improvement. (We will address all of these areas in A Lasting Legacy.)

Spend at least the next week documenting how you spend your time.  Take thirty seconds to say aloud an honest prayer from your heart:  “Lord, help show me where I need change, and help me follow through to act now.  Stir me and speak to me, please, as I read this book. Amen.”

Many tools to help you are available in A Lasting Legacy.


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