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Do you want to decrease your stress, reduce your emotional distress, quit a habit, increase your emotional control, eat healthier, improve with your household chores, meet your commitments, improve your spending habits, improve your self-regulation/self-control, and improve your study habits? This is not an infomercial for anything, I promise. It is, however, proven that just one word answers these questions—exercise.

In a recent study in Sydney, Australia, participants who exercised showed significant improvement in all of these areas! Easier said than done, I know. Whether it is getting started with exercise, making some dietary changes, eating or drinking too much, or spending instead of saving, we all fail often. The preliminary evidence showed that exercise over two weeks begins to have influence on other tasks that require self-control.

  • Isaiah 40:29–31—He will give you strength.
  • Philippians 3:12–14—Forget what lies behind and press on toward what lies ahead.

I love the story of Cy Young. The award for baseball’s best pitcher each year is named after him. The ironic this is that Cy Young had the 316 career losses—the most in major league history. Cy Young must have learned from his many losses. He also had 511 career wins---also a major league record!

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